• Mowgli77's Guide to Scoring From Corners

    Mowgli77's Guide to Scoring From Corners


    In PES 2017 I got this down to a fine art form, just ask @Don Raphael 007 about the number of times Shawcross leapt like a salmon to head past his keeper. PES 2018 has taken a little bit more time to perfect this set piece, but having scored 6 or 7 corners in my last few games and spent a decent amount of time practicing them in the training arena I felt it was time to share this with the rest of P2E and anyone else that may read this article.


    Let’s start with the basics. When you are taking a corner pulling down on the left stick will give the ball a high trajectory, whilst pushing up on the left stick will give the ball a low trajectory. The amount of power you place in the kick then determines just how fast the ball will be delivered. Pushing left or right on the left stick will cause your ball to move in the desired direction. Getting a combination of left/right with up/down and just the right amount of power is the key to delivering the perfect ball to be headed or volleyed home. Try a few combinations in the training arena, starting with aiming for just outside the 6 yard box, curling the ball away from the keeper with a mid to high trajectory and about ¾ power.


    When you are first looking at your form arrows in the team selection screen there are options where you can select your captain, free kick takers, penalty takers etc and right at the bottom there is an option called “PLAYERS TO JOIN ATTACK”. This will choose which players to join attack if you go for an all-out attack late on when losing and trying to grab a last minute equaliser but it will also decide which players to send up for corners. You’ll often find that centre backs have great heading statistics and are ideal to be sending up for corners. Unfortunately you can only pick 3 players but this will usually be both your centre backs and then a midfielder or forward.


    You’ll often find the best players to use for taking corners are full backs or midfielders and the stats to concentrate on are “place kicking” and “swerve”. You can filter through the 2018 PES Database based on these two stats and it will be no surprise to you to see Ronaldo and Messi up there with the best statistics. The place kicking stat is more for free kicks but they will also be able to deliver quick, whipped in corners, due to the swerve statistics. Lower down the ratings you’ll find players like Lamela and Quagliarella who are more than capable. I prefer to use a midfielder, if possible as you run the risk of a quick counter attack down a flank if you have a full back taking a set piece and the ball is cleared. If you press to change the corner kick taker the game will show you the suggested stats for who to use.


    As with PES 2017 you have options available if you press left on the directional pad. The options available are 6 YARD BOX, FAR POST, TRAIN and DASH. If you try and play a ball with low trajectory towards the 6 yard box and just push and hold up on the left stick the ball will be delivered flat but will probably fail to beat the first man. You can push up just after the ball has been kicked to flatten out the delivery and this is perfect for an attacking player heading towards the near post.

    6 Yard Box is perfect as long as you can keep the ball away from the goalkeeper and you will often see a tall centre back make his run to coincide with arriving in the 6 yard box as the ball arrives there. I’d suggest choosing this option but actually aiming your corner for just outside the 6 yard box, either curled away from the keeper or start the aim/direction of your corner further out and bend it in towards the 6 yard box.

    Far Post is a good option when used with about ¾ power and a high trajectory but the aim here is not necessarily to score from the header. You have 2 main options here, head the ball back across the face of goal towards one of your players or even down to one of your players or head it towards one of your own players that is waiting to shoot just on the edge of the box. You’ll nearly always have a player waiting there and if not you can always move one there.

    Train is a tactic some teams use where players line up one after another vertically so the defenders are unable to mark them and must track their runs. As the corner is delivered the players peel away, front post and back post. Around half power, curled towards the edge of the 6 yard box with a low trajectory is ideal here.

    Dash is similar to Train but just sees players waiting for the corner to then rush towards the box and meet the ball as they’re running in, without lining up in the order of the Train setting. You can vary power and trajectory here and it’s often as wise to aim a ball towards the back post as the front.

    (As well as heading the ball towards goal you can also use the directional stick to push towards goal/away from goal whilst hitting shoot for an acrobatic finish, such as a bicycle kick or scissor kick.)


    New to PES 2018 is the ability to now press right on the directional pad and be offered 4 options for short corners. These are TOUCHLINE, RUNNER FROM DEEP, TWO OPTIONS, and RUNNER FROM EDGE OF BOX. These 4 options all relate specifically to short corners so you won’t want to put full power on any of these corner kicks. The runner from deep and runner from edge of box are going to require you to make sure you have players in those positions, ready to make the runs as the ball is crossed. Touchline is one I’ve barely used and need to experiment more with but the two options draws two players towards you, which then usually draws two defenders to follow suit and move out of position from the edge of the box, perfect for your attacker to run into that space and head past the keeper.


    Have a practice in the training arena so you have a few different types of corner to choose from and then mix it up during a game. One of the greatest feelings will be the far post corner, if you manage to head the ball down to a teammate who then smashes one home from outside the box. The crosses in general are not as effective as they were in 2017, which is no bad thing but the corner is still a great way to score. Here’s one from outside the box, ¾ power to the back post, an attempt to head back to a team mate, cleared by the defence but Mikel Rico smashing home for Guingamp from outside the area.


    Thanks for reading.

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rsz p2e recession


When the global markets collapsed, pandemonium ensued. People lost there jobs, there cars, there homes, there lively hood. Normal families living on the streets, looking for a warm place to sleep for the night, looking for some food to put in there mouths. The sadness turned to anger and desperation, looking for someone to blame. Was it the bankers? The wall street fat cat's in there suits, carrying there suitcases full of human blood? Is it the elitist's corporation owners taking even more from the average joe? Who is to blame and why?

It is commonly known that when a recession hits the masses, a lot of humans go hungry. And man's will to survive will turn that very man into a merciless beast, who would do anything to survive, atrocious, horrible things. It is then when love and peace is lost and hate a violence takes over instead. Friends and neighbour's attack each other, ready to rip each other apart, limb from limb, ready to eat the flesh of another fellow human just to stop the grumbling in there belly, ready to drink the blood of the innocent, just to quench that thirst. When the standard of living drops, so does the standard of which we treat each other.

This is what has happened to Play2Enjoy in recent times. A recession has hit us, the money is gone and we all don't know what to do. A storm of confusion and anger has swept in and drenched us with its bullBrad pitt. Not knowing what to do with all the anger and confusion, we attack one another. We snarl and growl, bite and bash our fellow members. Like a horde of man child's, we sook and cry at one another, spit dummies and throw rattles out of prams. 

The scary part is, the recession has only just started, and it is only going to get worse.

Some blame the ridiculous spending. When the influx of new members, with new players and more money came in the league, the market sky rocketed ten fold. Players values doubled and the spending was crazy and fun. But this didn't destroy the market, spending crazy money amongst each other was fine, it kept the money in the rotation, money went from one player to the next, from the next onto the next, so on and so forth. And everyone was spending big, everyone was having fun, everyone had money, and the poacher was paying us out, and paying us well, so there was no need to stop, we couldn't, we loved it, we were addicted. Like a bunch of broads with there husbands platinum credit cards on a shopping frenzy, we splurged. Forty mil here, 50 mil there, who cares, there's plenty of it and there will be plenty more to come! So when auction time came, the competition was red hot, everyone wanted to out do each other, willing to pay mad money to get there player, some even just to spite other member's from getting there desired player, which is all fair game. 

This is were the money was drained. The auctions are a huge drain that we throw our money into and we do it every week, sometimes even twice a week. It was all fine and dandy when the money that was going down the drain was showered upon us from the heavens above. But it stopped raining, and the drain was still big and wide, and we poured our cash right down that tube. We are addicted to the auctions, the same players go on the market, no body wants to spend a cent, when they pop up on the auction, we are willing to send it down the drain, instead of sharing it with our fellow members. It is this addiction that is only going to make the recession worse. Auctions will come every week, we will throw hundred's of millions of dollars at them, and every week, the league will have hundreds of millions of dollars less. It's straight up economics. 

Now that we are in the recession and tension is high amongst each other, let's not become wild beast's. Let's rise to the occasion and remember that this community thrives on peace and joy, banter and fun. We don't need money to spread joy amongst each other, the money never brought us joy. It was us. As much as we are all to blame for the recession, we are still responsible for the vibe of the community, and the most important thing is the vibe, the joy, in our little weird community.

Doc is the first to apologise for any harm doing that he has done.

A wise man once said "It's on us to change the way we eat, change the way we live, and change the way we treat each other" -Tupac muthaFahooking Shakur.

Peace and Love Homies!